Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rail loading=major headache

Well it has been a while since I last posted. We have been loading all our vehicles onto railcars to ship to Fort Irwin, CA. It's been about 16 hours a day Monday-Saturday. That really stinks because I am going to miss Father's Day and I could really use some relaxation time. Oh well, such is life. It was kinda cool to see literally miles worth of vehicles loading trains. The main hassle was that we were supposed to order certain vehicle tie-downs such as chains, links, and shackles. We bought the items we were told we needed, but as we went to load the vehicles, they told us we needed entirely different gear. I spent the next six hours running to different units trying to see if they had what we needed and if I could take them. They were very helpful and we managed to get everything accomplished. I took some pictures of the vehicles being loaded but you can only see the very front. There are many, many vehicles behind the ones I took pictures of.


  1. We will miss seeing you this week-end. Looks like you have been super busy. Hopefully we will get to see you next week-end, before you head out to Cali.

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